Hello! I am Oliver. I am a Medical Doctor, Software Engineer and Regulatory Affairs Person.

You can contact me via email.


I started coding when I was twelve even though it’s quite a stretch to call writing hacky php scripts coding. I ended up graduating as a Medical Doctor. While doing MRI research for my doctorate thesis, I got reminded how fun coding was and realized how broken medical software is.

I taught myself programming and started working on medical software. Right now, I think improving software is one of the largest levers we have for improving healthcare.


I did quite some radiology research for my doctorate thesis, mainly with Matlab.

At some stage, I was intrigued whether masturbation had an effect on our behaviour, specifically, our mood, energy and libido. Quite obviously, this is a problem which can be solved with an app, so I developed an app together with my friend Chris: NofApp (it may have been taken down by the Play Store by now).

I worked as a React Native developer for phellow seven developing a patient-centric Electronic Health Record app.

I developed a dating app called Philter (also offline by now) which lets you filter (haha) people close to you based on your answers to yes/no questions.

I used to work at Merantix (later Merantix Healthcare) where we developed medical software. I was the first non-ML software engineer and doctor to join, built our software engineering team and got our product certified as a medical device. Those were good times.

I left because I wanted to build new things again.

Right now, I’m enjoying my freedom while freelancing, building things and finishing my pilot’s license.

Damn, you read this far?

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