Automatic Analysis of Cellularity in Glioblastoma and Correlation with ADC Using Trajectory Analysis and Automatic Nuclei Counting

07/2016 / PloS one

Correlating histologic cellularity with the Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC) measured in MRI (there’s a negative correlation).

Quantification of Tumor Vessels in Glioblastoma Patients Using Time-of-Flight Angiography at 7 Tesla: A Feasibility Study

11/2014 / PloS one

The first in-vivo display of Glioblastoma Tumor vessels with an automatic segmentation algorithm using a 7 Tesla MRI Scanner (it works).

Gadolinium retention in the dentate nucleus and globus pallidus is dependent on the class of contrast agent

04/2015 / Radiology

A widely used group of MRI contrast agents is associated with signal intensity elevation in patients’ brains.

Clinical parameters outweigh diffusion- and perfusion-derived MRI parameters in predicting survival in newly diagnosed glioblastoma

05/2016 / Neuro-Oncology

Clinical parameters in patients with glioblastoma are more relevant for survival prediction than MRI-derived parameters.

Radiomic Profiling of Glioblastoma: Identifying an Imaging Predictor of Patient Survival with Improved Performance over Established Clinical and Radiologic Risk Models

09/2016 / Radiology

Lots of features were extracted from MRI-images (far more than in the study above), a subset of which could better predict survival than clinical parameters.

Radiogenomics of Glioblastoma: Machine Learning–based Classification of Molecular Characteristics by Using Multiparametric and Multiregional MR Imaging Features

12/2016 / Radiology

It’s not really possible to predict molecular parameters from MRI-derived parameters.

Time-dependent parameter of perfusion imaging as independent predictor of clinical outcome in symptomatic carotid artery stenosis

04/2016 / BMC Neurology

MRI-derived parameters perform better than sonographically measured degree of stenosis in predicting patient outcomes of symptomatic internal carotid artery stenosis.

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